Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute resolution of matters related to real estate can be a daunting task for any organization or Legal firm. Legal disputes pertaining to the value of real estate requires valuations by a specialist since each property has intrinsic attributes which are distinctive from others and need to be factored in for determination of its value.

Valuations carried out particularly for legal purpose require in depth domain knowledge and expertise since it has to stand the scrutiny of the opposition party. Hence, the quality of the valuation report and the expertise of the Valuer become extremely important to provide the correct valuation advice to the client for the legal proceeding.

RNC are domain experts having extensive knowledge and expertise in valuation of fixed assets such as property, plant & equipment. RNC has rendered valuation services to several clients and is a preferred partner with the legal firms and corporates.

Case Study

Two large Indian real estate conglomerates had business interests in a large parcel of land, located at a prime location in one of the metro cities of the country. The said land parcel was lying vacant due to a dispute between the two interested parties. The court ordered a verdict to settle the dispute by carrying out an independent valuation of the same. With unavailability of similar sale transactions in the market, the skill set of the valuer to estimate the Fair Value became all the more important.

RNC carried out a thorough market study and submitted a comprehensive report with all back up data and documents, satisfying the requirements of the court to settle the said dispute. A large consideration was at stake which was to be paid based on our Valuation report.

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