Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment

Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment for
Insurance Survey & Loss Assessment

Independent surveying and loss assessment services are essential in order to establish the exact cause of the incident, the nature and extent of the loss / damage suffered, cause of loss, the facts of the incident and quantifying the loss. At time takes support of forensic analysis to get to the root cause of the incident.

RNC, accredited as IRDA Licensed Category ‘A’ Insurance Surveyor & Loss Assessor, has assessed numerous high value Insurance claims for Business Interruption & Material Damage.

RNC Team, comprising of Skilled and Experienced Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Industry Experts, Ensure Speedy, Reliable & Accurate Claim settlement.

RNC provides unmatched and unparalleled Techno Commercial Services for several Categories of Claims.

The practical approach and experience of RNC is most unique as it extends across various sectors of the trade and industry. RNC provides a timely, fair and independent solution, at times by including the involvement of various specialists having experience of that specific industry.

RNC’s teams associated with a specific project encompass team leaders, qualified assessors, surveyors, engineers and other specialists, who work together to deliver an integrated solution to all the stakeholders of the major losses.

The Team works effectively for optimum spend of resources and time resulting into the satisfaction of all concerned.

The three decades of bespoke service to its clients – Insurance Companies, Insured’s and Insurance Brokers, has earned RNC an impeccable, trustworthy name in the industry and its Professional services in this niche area, are being relied upon by all.

The Team works with the insurer’s in-house teams to deliver both controlled spend and enhanced customer, Insurer and Insurance broker satisfaction.

We Provide The Following Independent Survey And Loss Assessment Services:

Accurate and prompt assessment of the loss suffered by the claimant. RNC techno commercial team consists of a team of engineers from the various disciplines of engineering combined with financial experts. They are assisted by external industrial and other commercial sector wise experts, as and when the need arises.

RNC is a professionally experienced surveying and loss assessment firm, dedicated to handle all varieties and types of claims and have the credentials and flair to bring all claims entrusted to an optimum resolution.

A cohesive assessment of potential insurance liabilities, established through salient and tactful enquiries, providing a workable strategy to conclusion.

A commitment to proactively drive the claim to an efficient and cost effective conclusion.

Other Related Services Include:

Risk Inspection and Management.

Insurance Policy Audit.

Consultancy and Advisory for Industrial and General Safety, Loss Prevention, Project Management, Lenders Independent Engineer Services, Lenders Insurance Advisory.

Advance LOP Cover Statutory and Periodic Project Monitoring.

Training Modules for different type of insurance covers.

Training Modules to Industries advising regarding the documents required to be submitted by claimant so as to ensure the prompt finalization of the independent survey and loss assessment report related to Fire, Engineering, Marine and Loss of Profit Claims.