Independent Engineer

Consultancy Services for
Independent Engineer

RNC’s Independent Engineer services aims at providing assurance to the lenders / investors regarding the progress of the execution of the project. RNC is continually rendering services to various lenders / investors for their clients for Infrastructure and Industrial projects.

The Team at RNC consists of professionals having experience for both Technical and Commercial evaluation of a project and have in-house strength to provide insights and support to the stakeholders for verification of the proper utilization of the funds.

RNC Offers The Following Services As Independent Engineer

  • Review of physical progress of work as against the project cost and schedule in the DPR / feasibility report
  • Verify Government and other statutory approvals
  • Monitoring the progress of the execution of the project to ascertain timely completion
  • Suggesting possible remedial measures to avoid / reduce time and cost overruns.
  • Verification for the civil structure completion and erection and installation of machineries in all manners.
  • Providing regular feedback about progress of the work and application of funds.