A valuation may be required for availing credit from Banks and financial institutions, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, insolvency & bankruptcy, mortgage, insurance, financial reporting and various other purposes.

A property valuation provides an independent assessment of the value of an asset, based on a number of different elements, including an analysis of the current market, recent sales and market trends.

Residential properties like flats and houses, commercial properties like shops and offices, institutional properties like hotels, malls, multiplexes and industrial properties including land, buildings, plant & machinery , etc. can be valued

In certain circumstances current and non- currents assets like, inventories, loans and advances, payables , receivables, also have to be valued.  Some situations may require the valuation of intangibles like, patents, brand, goodwill, etc.

The cost of a valuation varies depending on the size, location and complexity of the asset. Contact us at +91 97147 80001 to receive an indicative price in the first instance.

Yes, Valuations are carried out as on a specific date, whose time limit of validity may vary from one purpose to another.

You can request a valuation with Rakesh Narula & Co. (RNC) either by filling out the online request form at XXXX.com or by contacting any one of our valuation representatives on +91 97147 80001